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Hi, I'm Allison.  

Let's talk work-life balance. 


Research shows that 90% of our daily lives are run on autopilot.  We allow our days - which turn into months and years - to be dictated by an endless to-do list. While our intentions are good and our list of accomplishments long, it can often feel like we're running in place. It’s time for a reset, and I’m here to help.

Prioritize YOU

Take a moment and reflect on all the planning you have invested in a vacation, a big project at work, a wedding, a move. Now, think about how much time you’ve spent planning your life to be sure it's aligned with the priorities that mean the most to you. Too often, the answer is "not much" because we allow ourselves to be swept along by the current. It’s almost a badge of honor to share with others how busy we are. One of my favorite quotes is from Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - “We must never become too busy sawing to take time to sharpen the saw." My role is to help you do just that so you can be your best self in and outside of work.


Having said that, your work-life balance needs are uniquely yours, and selecting a coach who is in sync with those needs is important. Part of what differentiates me is that I’ve walked the talk. I am a trailblazing early adopter of work-life balance practices, achieving success as a global human resource executive in a Fortune 20 company while raising my three boys. Not only did this choice never hold me back, it was empowering in a way that allowed me to be my best self both at home and at work. Having accumulated a career’s worth of learnings in this space, my mission is to pay it forward by helping you clear a path to a fulfilling, inspired life.


Committing to balance is more important than ever as the line between our work and personal lives continues to blur.   


- allison

"I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Allison for over 20 years, and many positive things come to mind when I think of her.  What comes to mind most is how she’s wholehearted and someone you can trust. Allison’s a positive and empathetic person that truly cares, and she’s impeccable with everything she says and does.  Allison conducts herself in a way that’s congruent to what she espouses. Her ability to balance all aspects of her own life gracefully is inspiring, and her sincere excitement to help others on their journey is infectious. Allison’s dedicated to those she works with. You can feel comfortable knowing you’ll be honored and cared for throughout, and you can trust that Allison has your best interest at heart.  I consider myself fortunate to be a colleague and friend."

- Mary Frank, Pyschotherapist


I find it’s important to spend some time getting to know each other before proceeding with coaching. Fill out this form for a free initial consult, and include several scheduling options in your note.  Note that I continue to honor balance and, as such, take a limited number of clients.  If I don’t currently have openings, I will let you know an expected timeframe of when you will hear back from me.

Thank you!

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