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"I have come to know Allison in many different capacities over the years, first as a customer, then as colleague, later as manager, and finally as friend. Allison is a rare breed who is able to mix a world-class business work ethic with humor and grace and always makes you feel free to handle personal affairs while still adhering to tight business deadlines. It's no surprise to me that Allison has chosen work-life balance as her focus area going forward - she's the first person that comes to my mind when I think about the subject and the flexibility it requires."

- John Lawrence, Doctor of Professional Studies & HR Data 

Governance Leader at GE

"I am honored to have known Allison Kipp for over 20 years. We started as business colleagues at GE and soon ascertained we had something else in common… moms with sons around the same age. I was enthralled with Allison’s ability to strike a healthy balance between managing a successful career while raising her three children. She never compromised integrity or loyalty to fellow colleagues, staff or customers.  After I left GE, to pursue a second career as a behavioral therapist, I sought Allison’s advice for clients who were struggling with career challenges. I am so grateful to her as she offered to see these clients pro bono.”  

- Janice Bickerstaff, Behavioral Therapist

"I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Allison for over 20 years, and many positive things come to mind when I think of her.  What comes to mind most is how she’s wholehearted and someone you can trust. Allison’s a positive and empathetic person that truly cares, and she’s impeccable with everything she says and does.  Allison conducts herself in a way that’s congruent to what she espouses. Her ability to balance all aspects of her own life gracefully is inspiring, and her sincere excitement to help others on their journey is infectious. Allison’s dedicated to those she works with. You can feel comfortable knowing you’ll be honored and cared for throughout, and you can trust that Allison has your best interest at heart.  I consider myself fortunate to be a colleague and friend."

- Mary Frank, Pyschotherapist

"I have known Allison Kipp for over 20 years both professionally and personally. From the day we met, I have admired her ability to be an incredibly hands on mom of three children while managing a demanding career at GE. It is no surprise that her now grown children are working in or pursuing important careers that will no doubt have a positive impact on our society. Allison is respected by all who know her. Her colleagues and the teams placed under her authority are first hand witnesses of her work ethic, reliability, and team approach to problem solving. She is also insightful, open minded and generous - qualities that make her an appreciated parent, esteemed boss and colleague, and a true friend. Allison has shown me that balancing our personal and work lives allows us to experience more joy in both."

- Michelle Falcone, Owner of Celebrate Connecticut

"It has been a privilege to get to know Allison as a people leader and mentor.  Allison is compassionate and respectful.  She always listens with an open mind and offers clear suggestions.  She has shown me how to bring out the best in others and build trusting partnerships. She knows what truly matters and makes choices that are right for her and those whom she cares for.  By sharing her wisdom in balancing work and personal lives, Allison will inspire and support many more to rediscover what is best for them.”  

- Agnes Waddilove, HR Transformation Leader


Few things have meant more to me in my career than this Word Cloud my staff gifted me.

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