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Our Work Together


Have you ever experienced one of those 'ah-ha' moments - that burst of clarity that defines your next move?  While these moments of inspiration seem to come out of nowhere, in my experience, they are the culmination of a lot of introspection: grounded in the hard work of looking your habits square in the eye, acknowledging what needs to change, and cultivating the tools and circumstances that inspire growth.  

I want to help you discover that 'ah-ha' moment.

Our goal will be to spark changes that will help you integrate your work and personal lives into a well-calibrated balance. The myth that you can’t have it all simply isn’t true - it’s just a matter of defining what ‘all’ means for you. I will help you determine that.


This isn’t an easy task. Research shows that more than 90% of our daily lives are run on auto-pilot - by beliefs and patterns so entrenched in our sub-conscious that they’ve become an internal GPS that runs our lives. In some ways, this can work well. In fact, without this, our well-honed ability to cross items off our to-do list and meet jam-packed calendar commitments would fall apart.  But, at best, ignoring your sub-conscious patterns limits your potential, and at worst, can make you feel like a remote control car stuck in the corner, with no line of sight out of the predicament. 

This is where our work will focus: identifying your internal GPS settings and building awareness of what they are, which ones are grounded in limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and what tools can be used to unleash your potential. Our work will begin with an initial assessment of the areas below, and then narrow to focus our work on those that are out of balance:

I will be here as your coach, helping you:


  1. Build awareness of the patterns and habits that aren’t working for you anymore

  2. Feel inspired about change

  3. Prioritize and choose where you want to grow

  4. Identify tools and new habits to support sustained growth

  5. Be accountable for continuous improvement so you’re living consciously rather than on auto-pilot.    

In short, my job is to help you be brave enough to live a life aligned with your authentic self.   I consider it a privilege to be a part of each client’s journey as we learn together what’s just beyond the horizon of what you ever imagined for yourself.









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