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I began my career in corporate finance as a CPA, but quickly realized that I didn’t feel the spark that I had always hoped my job would inspire.  And the hours were crushing, leaving little time for anything beyond the daily routine of work/sleep/repeat and weekends full of errands.  So I began a quest to uncover my purpose and how to live each day according to that true north. The answers came through an ongoing journey of seeking out thought leaders in both the business and wellness realms, and carving out time for self-reflection and development. These learnings shaped my ability to look at the world through different lenses and strike a fulfilling balance in and outside of work.  Below are some of the highlights of what I’ve come to know as my purpose.  I hope that these skills give you the confidence to entrust me as your coach. 



My first career 'ah-ha' came when I was given the opportunity to lead a corporate training program.  Leading several hundred young professionals on GE’s Financial Management Program in developing their careers, I realized that helping people achieve their potential was my purpose. This clarity inspired my career as a global human resource executive, my approach to raising my 3 sons and helping them navigate their career paths, and now my business as a work-life balance coach.  My passion is inspiring change by adjusting the lenses through which we see the world. 


When my oldest was born, I realized that the commute and traditional full-time schedule were limiting my ability to be the best employee and parent I could be.  With the assurance that my work commitments would only benefit, I pursued and was granted a flexible schedule at a time when these options were only just finding their way into the corporate conversation.  I have successfully maintained various combinations of flexible hours, work from home, and part-time options throughout my career while making the experience for my clients and co-workers seamless.  This also allowed me to be fully engaged with my children’s activities (logging an average of 35,000 miles on my car each year in the process)- a priceless gift!


This is where my free time is spent.  For me, wellness is grounded in a daily routine of fitness and meditation supported by proper nutrition and sleep.  I also dedicate time each day to reviewing content in the mind/body/spirit space to stay current on best practices, and in 2019 completed a 4-month holistic coaching certification on healthy self-development practices.


My mom used to say that I needed a board akin to Grand Central Station’s wall of train schedules to track the ground that my boys and I would cover in a week; and my former staff could vouch for my proclivity for ‘calendar chess’ to wring every bit of productivity out of a day. As a certified Six Sigma Blackbelt for the last 20 years, I've led LEAN projects and trained others, including C-suite leaders, on the delicate balance between efficiency and quality. But in all honesty, I'm still learning.  We all know that multi-tasking is NOT the goal. In fact, it diminishes our effectiveness, but too often is our default setting. I've found that the antidote is proactively structuring my life in alignment with my purpose by engaging flow thinking, weeding out non-value-added activities, and developing habits that support these goals.


My CPA roots have always stayed with me - partly because I’m a numbers girl and never met a spreadsheet I didn’t like, but even more so because being in control of our financial health contributes to our overall sense of well-being. Although my career shifted into Human Resources, I retained responsibility throughout for multi-million dollar budgets.  In business as in life, how we choose to spend our money reflects our priorities, and making those decisions consciously is a vote for our futures.


Being able to give back is a privilege in its own right- and while unsought, the fulfillment it brings catches me by surprise each and every time.  I have served on community and professional boards, consistently donated time to local causes, and provided career services to individuals impacted by the challenges created by the global pandemic.  We are all connected, and in my view, nothing drives this home more than contributing to something outside of ourselves.

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